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About Foundation English


The Princeton Review's English 101 & 102 programs are comprehensive English courses that help reinforce and increase the basic foundation skills for the utilization of the English language. The English books make learning language arts skills very process-oriented. They emphasize practice over natural ability as the route to success.

Basic English skills include:

- Reading
- Writing
- Listening
- Speaking
- Grammar
- Vocabulary


American English Programs (Grade 6-9)


  • SMART Start: A program for primary and secondary students that builds reading, vocabulary, writing, grammar, and math skills in our fun, interactive environment. This will help students improve their English and give them a head start for preparing for important tests like the TOEFL, SAT and ACT.

  • Writing SMART: Teaches how to organize thoughts and overcome writers block. Students learn to produce clear, concise, focused essays that will make a strong, positive impression on teachers. Students will also learn and use broad-based writing skills that are useful throughout their lives.

  • Word SMART: Provides a novel approach to vocabulary development. We structure our courses using games and activities so that students actually use the words they are learning. The course draws from a list of 200 words, which are then grouped into 3 different levels to ensure that every student receives a word list that is appropriate to his or her ability.

  • Reading SMART: Students will master the reading skills required to successfully understand a variety of reading materials. Moreover, students learn methods to succeed on reading based test and acquire a reading proficiency that allows them to enjoy reading more.

  • Grammar SMART: An interactive, comprehensive approach to learning grammar. The course covers everything from punctuation and agreement to parts of speech and idioms. Grammar SMART is an essential building block to becoming an excellent writer.

American English Programs (Grade 9-12)


  • Writing: This course is aimed to prepare a student to write effective essays for classes and standardized tests such as SSAT, SAT, ACT and TOEFL. After this course, you'll be able to write great essays that'll earn you the top grades in class and tests.

  • Reading and Vocabulary: The Princeton Review English Smart Course in Reading and Vocabulary gives students the upper-hand they need to better prepare for future standardized tests like the SAT, ACT and TOEFL as well as courses in school.

With reading comprehension and vocabulary now playing bigger parts in standardized tests, like the SAT, students can never be too prepared. The Princeton Review knows that reading efficiently is not easy and that memorizing words can be boring. So, our classes are set up to maximize learning in a fun, interactive atmosphere. In this course, students learn to master reading skills, process a variety of reading styles, and develop a strong vocabulary through specially prepared Princeton Review materials, activities and games.

Improving your reading comprehension abilities and increasing your vocabulary range takes time and patience, and The Princeton Review is here to help you every step of the way.




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