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Which GMAT Section Can Help You Stand Out in 2021?


Back in 2012, GMAT added the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section. At the time, business schools were waiting for the general students’ reaction to this new section. Although this section is not the most essential section in the GMAT test and does not impact the 200-800 overall score, students have realized that doing well in it will reflect positively in their overall business school application. Princeton Review has taken extra steps to provide the necessary information, advice, and online tools for students to do well in IR.

IR Section Details

  • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Number of questions: 12, each question may have with multiple parts; some questions are experimental questions.

  • Scoring: range from 1 to 8 in integer increments 

  • Average scores: current average is 4.51; a 5 is the 50th percentile. 

  • Caveat: scoring for questions is all or nothing. If the question has 3 parts and one part is answered incorrectly, the entire question is considered incorrect. No partial credit available.

  • Computer-adaptive: no (only Quantitative and Verbal sections are adaptive)

IR Advice: Pacing

Most test-takers have trouble with finishing the section on time, coupled with the all or nothing nature of the scoring.

Nevertheless, test-takers can opt to skip select answers and move onto the next question. In fact, when students are scoring 4 or below, we recommend that they skip 1 or 2 questions, usually the overly complicated and time-consuming questions with unusual graphs.

IR Online Resources

Princeton Review has online resources to help their enrolled students improve their IR scores through:

  • Online lessons covering key strategies and methods for the different types of IR questions

  • Drills for each IR question type

  • 10 full-length, timed section drills shorter than the full practice test

If you have additional questions about the GMAT or its IR section, feel free to email us at or call us at The Princeton Review Hong Kong at 2507 9380 or WhatsApp at 6360 2705.

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