What our students have to say

After experiencing the Princeton Review Difference

About Our Teachers

"Good at explaining tips and strategies"

"Efficient and helpful"

"Clear explanation"

"Informative, friendly"


"Positive, supportive, encouraging"

"Funny, smart, teaches well"

"Experienced and understanding towards my needs"

"Knowledgeable in some science facts"

"Being patient, comforting, and enthusiastic"

"He helped us individually and gave us good advice"

"The support: being able to ask questions about not only content but strategy as well."

"Prepared, clear, concise"


"To discover students’ weakness and work on it"

"Very understanding of our strengths and weaknesses"

"He was good at giving us tips and techniques to help us"

"Delphine tailored the course to my needs"

About Our Courses

"Strategies specific to me"

"Very motivating"


"Covered all the aspects according to my ability"

"Making me master the content"

"Useful and interesting"

And More...

"My teacher really helped me pinpoint my weaknesses in reading and gave me effective strategies for each section"

"I feel more confident in myself to get a good score, thanks to this course."

"Princeton Review is great for introducing new test-taking concepts to achieve higher scores"

"This make you work hard but it’s worth it as it allows you to gain more knowledge."

"The Princeton Review is a place where you can learn effective techniques without it being boring"  

"Lessons were catered around the subjects I found difficult, so it was easier to improve."

"He made sure to go through everyone’s questions so they thoroughly understand the content"

"Clear instruction given, I was able to nail down the strategies under my instructor’s advices."

"A very pleasurable learning environment that encourages students to work hard and strive towards good marks on tests"  

"It covers the material thoroughly and teaches you how to be a better test-taker."

"I have learnt different skills in order to make sure I answer the questions without careless mistakes"

"I like the structure and how it alternates subjects"


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